White Tiger

Белый тигр


Genre: War
Duration: 104mins
Format: 35mm
Director: Karen Shakhnazarov
Cast: Aleksey Vertkov, Vitaly Kishchenko, Valery Grishko, Vladimir Ilyn, Karl Kranzkowski, Christian Redl

World War Two is drawing to a close. Furious and prolonged fighting is exhausting both the Soviet and Nazi troops. The more decisive the advance of the Soviet army, the more often White Tiger, an indestructible Nazi tank, appears in the battlefield. It relentlessly emerges from the smoke of combat, ruthlessly destroys the adversary and vanishes. No one can either verify or refute its existence. However, the Soviet military command decides to build an extraordinary tank – a special version of the T-34.  The crew of this tank is headed by a man with a remarkable past, a tank crewman who was almost burnt alive in combat. Contrary to all expectations, he survives, recovers and returns to the ranks. He does not know his own name, he does not remember anything from his past, but he has acquired the unusual ability to understand the language of tanks. He is sure that the elusive Nazi tank exists and must be destroyed.  This ultra-high concept film is told through dialogue and documented events of the war. Director Karen Shakhnazarov (The Vanished Empire, Ward № 6)  blends highly realistic battle scenes with elements of mysticism to craft an enriching insight into the war from a Russian perspective.

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