Vysotskiy. Thank God I’m Alive

Высоцкий. Спасибо, что живой.


Genre: Drama
Duration: 128mins
Format: Digital
Director: Petr Buslov
Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, Oksana Akinshina, Andrey Smolyakov, Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Ilyn


  • Highest Grossing Film, Russian Box Office 2011

A biopic based upon the life and death of one of the USSR’s most beloved singer-songwriters, Vladimir Vysotskiy. The film explores the ‘man’ behind the legend and the cult of personality that surrounded one of Russia’s original ‘rock stars’. This long-awaited film from the acclaimed crime film director, Petr Buslov (Bummer) and written by Vysotskiy’s son, has been critically acclaimed and loved by generations that worship the legend of Vysotskiy’s music and personality. Vysotskiy, the movie, is something more; it is a realistic yet grim insight into the corruption that existed in the 1970s Soviet Union.  Powerfully directed, brilliantly acted, controversial, gripping and uncompromising.  New Russian cinema at its best!

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