There once lived a simple woman

Жила была баба


Genre: Art House Drama
Duration: 156mins
Format: Digital
Director: Andrei Smirnov
Cast: Darya Ekamasova, Nina Ruslanova, Vladislav Abashin, Roman Madyanov, Vsevolod Shilovksy


  • Winner Best Film, Best Actress, Best Screenplay (2011 NIKA Awards)

World War I, the Russian Revolution, Civil War and famine ripped apart the Russian Village. Peasants who refused to obey the new authorities found themselves dispossessed of their land, property and, all too often, their lives. Once Upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman tells the brutal story of Russia’s suffering during the darkest pages of its history as seen through the life, loves and tragic fate of Varvara, a simple Russian woman. A gripping historical drama that shows with epic authority man’s inhumanity to man.

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