My Boyfriend is an Angel

Мой Парень Ангел


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 97mins
Format: Digital
Director: Vera Storozheva
Cast: Artur Smolyaninov, Anna Starshenbaum, Sergei Puskepalis

Sasha is a vulcanology student studying for her exams and planning a big night out at a New Year’s Eve party. But when she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her and she accidentally falls out of her third floor window she is caught by Seraphim, an Angel who has just arrived in Moscow. They only send the toughest Angels to Russia and Seraphim is strong, moral and yet terribly naïve. Sasha cannot believe that the well-dressed, astute, sensitive, handsome but very odd guy who saved her life is an Angel. She desperately tries to get away from him. In turn, Angel Seraphim uses all his strength and charm to convince Sasha that he is an Angel and that he has been sent to her for a purpose. But one thing he didn’t figure on – if a pretty girl believes in Angels then she will most probably fall in love and then what…? What happens when a human falls in love with an Angel?

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