Mystery Film - Kokoko



Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90mins
Format: Digital
Director: Avdotya Smirnova
Cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Yana Troyanova, Evgenii Muravich, Gennadiy Smirnov

A premiere comedy Kokoko, “metaphorically reflects the social realities of modern Russia.” It tells the story of the friendship of two women, one – an intelligent employee of the Kunstkamera museum and the other – “from the masses.” Producer Sergei Selyanov pointed out that there have not been very many films in the history of cinematography in which the two lead roles are played by women. Much of the success of Smirnova’s film lies in the selection of the lead actresses: Anna Mikhalkova plays the role of the intellectual while the simpleton was played by Yana Troyanova, who is known to arthouse crowds for her role in the drama Wolfy.


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