Genre: Drama/Thriller
Duration: 127mins
Format: Digital
Director: Oleg Pogodin
Cast: Sergey Garmash, Bogdan Stupka, Ekaterina Rednikova, Vladimir Epifantsev


  • Winner Best Actor (2011 Nika Awards)
  • Winner Best Supporting Actor & Best Music (2011 Golden Eagle Awards)
  • Best Cinematography (2011 Window to Europe Festival)

The Shamanov family are dysfunctional. Their imposing house in the middle of the Don Steppes and their long-lasting legacy creates problems where fathers and their children are constantly at each other. The family is shaken by the return of the eldest son, Victor, who disappeared for 25 years and became a dangerous underworld boss. The film is diverse in its storytelling and packed with action and suspense. KinoKultura described the movie as a “compelling film that incorporates elements of gangster story, family epic and even western.” Featuring an all-star cast that includes Garmash (The Edge, Hipsters, Lucky Trouble) and Stupka (Taras Bulba, Driver for Vera) the film builds and eludes tension before unleashing a shock ending that is sure to surprise every filmgoer.

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