Siberia MonAmour

Сибирь Монамур


Genre: Drama
Duration: 102mins
Format: 35mm
Director: Slava Ross
Cast: Pyotr Zaychenko, Mikhail Protsko, Seergey Novikov, Lidiya Bairashevskaya, Sonya Ross


  • Nominated for Best Film and Best Director (2011 NIKA, Golden Eagle Awards)

In the depths of Siberia, in a deserted village, a religious old man and his grandson, old beyond his seven years, wait for the return of the boy’s father. They live in pre-Revolutionary conditions preyed on by thieves and surrounded by a pack of wild dogs scouring the land for food. One of the wild dogs is the boy's best friend. Uncle Yura is their only connection to the outside world, but when a tragedy befalls him the boy and his religious grandfather are cut off by winter with no supplies. Through this majestic yet terrifying landscape stumble a war-crazed army officer and a young soldier on a drunken mission to find a prostitute for their degenerate commanding officer. The destinies of these people unexpectedly connect. Like wild dogs they fight for survival incredibly finding a sense of mercy and derisive humour amidst their suffering. A complex but deftly handled plot with searing performances set in a harsh yet beautiful land.

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